New BIOS Virus Which Can Make Your Anti-Virus Useless

Hackers Have once again launched a Root kit Virus which loads directly into the BIOS memory of the computer and makes it prone .

Well BIOS memory loads first then any of the software or even your OS, So the virus is loaded far more first then the antivirus loads. Hence it is a more harmful attack to the computer rather then an other.  bios chi
Alfredo Ortego and Anibal Sacco of Core Security Technologies say that they have a 100 + line long python code in the memory which loads puts a Root kit in the memory so any antivirus can act on it.
"We tested the system on the most common types of Bios," said Ortega.
"There is the possibility that newer types of Extensible Firmware Interface Bios may be resistant to the attack, but more testing is needed."
The attack vector is also usable against virtual systems, the researchers said. The Bios in VMware is embedded as a module in main VMware executable, and thus could be altered.
"The best approach is preventing the virus from flashing onto the Bios," said Sacco.
"You need to prevent flashing of the bios, even if it means pulling out jumper on motherboard."

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