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Nascar Rumble is a arcade racing game based on the three top NASCAR racing series, developed and published by Electronic Arts. Nascar Rumble was released for the PlayStation on February 3, 2000. It is a unique game as It impliments a power up system that can aid or hurt the players vehicle, much like the items in the Mario Kart series. The game includes NASCAR Winston Cup, Craftsman Truck series drivers and legends.
The game features a commentator who makes comments based on things that are happening in the race.

Game Modes

  1. Single Race - A standard race against five opponants.
  2. Showdown - A one lap head to head race against the players choice of opponant.
  3. Time Trial - The player has four laps to beat the previous best lap time or track time.
  4. Championship - The story mode of Nascar Rumble. In Championship mode the player competes in different areas unlocking trophies and legend modes for each area.


Winston Cup
  1. Steve Park
  2. Rusty Wallace
  3. Dale Earnhardt
  4. Terry Labonte
  5. Bobby Hamilton
  6. Michael Waltrip
  7. Mark Martin
  8. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  9. Ricky Rudd
  10. Jeremy Mayfield
  11. Kevin Lepage
  12. Tony Stewart
  13. Bobby Labonte
  14. Ward Burton
  15. Jeff Gordon
  16. Wally Dallenbach
  17. Johnny Benson
  18. Kenny Irwin Jr.
  19. Mike Skinner
  20. Ken Schrader
  21. Ernie Irvin
  22. Sterling Marlin
  23. Joe Nemecheck
  24. John Andretti
  25. Kyle Petty
  26. Adam Petty
  27. Kenny Wallace
  28. Geoff Bodine
  29. Darrell Waltrip
  30. Dale Jarrett
  31. Bill Elliot
  32. Chad Little
  33. Jeff Burton

Craftsman Truck

  1. Mike Wallace
  2. Rick Carrelli
  3. Ron Hornaday
  4. Jack Sprague
  5. Scott Hansen
  6. Stacy Compton


  1. Alan Kulwicki
  2. Cale Yarborough
  3. David Pearson
  4. Bobby Allison
  5. Davey Allison
  6. Richard Petty
  7. Benny Parsons


  1. Nitro- Increases top spead by 20 miles per hour.
  2. Bold tires - Improves handling by 2x.
  3. Oil Slick - Decreases handling by 2x.
  4. Bad Gas - Reduces speed and acceleration.
  5. Joker - Activates either nitro, bold tires, oil slick and bad gas.
  6. Tornado - Shoots out a tornado that sucks up the cars in front of you.
  7. Storm - Sends a storm cloud to the driver in front of you decreasing his vision.
  8. Big Rumble - Adds a red bumber to the front of your vehicle bouncing any opponants car out of the way that you hit.
  9. Invincible - Disables bad power-ups.
  10. Freeze - Freezes the opponant ahead of you.
** The Number of power-ups can be determined by the player
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