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How to Get Unlimited Chips in Teen Patti

What Is Teen Patti

Well,  is the Gambling game which recently has became very popular in India. you can play it on Facebook, or on Android and IOS Phone. Teen Patti is Became very Popular from India and now in South Asia too. Teen Patti is Played by not only the Youth but the People of all ages.

They just got addicted of it. But, there are Certain Requirements to Play Teen Patti like you need chips. So, it happens that the chips gets finished. So, what you do at that time ?

 The Indian People are so fond of it that they are buying the chips at the different different Price like they are ready to pay about 900 INR for 1 Crore Chips. In India we can say that it becomes the Business of Selling Chips. So, isn't it Bullshit. Do we need to pay 900 INR for any Stupid game which is wasting our time? Think about it ! 

Don't Youth or Elder's have any other Work rather than playing Teen Patti ?

Now, there are two types of people one who simply buy the Chips by giving real Money and one who have atleast basic knowledge of Internet and searching for free teen patti chips.

    How to Get Unlimited Chips in Teen Patti ?

    So, for those People there is one very bad news and the bad news is that it is not possible to Hack Teen Patti and get Unlimited Chips. I did the Survey and found that there are many Fake Sites and Blogs available on Internet. 

    What they do Basically is that they will tell you to pass one Survey on the Internet and will tell to buy something and then and then only they'll let you download there Software. Now, as most of the Teen Patti user are So addictive of Playing Teen Patti that they thought that Instead of Paying 900 INR or any amount they are Paying let's do Online survey and get the Software.

    But at the time you pass the Survey and hit the Download Button the ERROR will Come and they'll tell you please Do the Survey Once again and the Loops might will never end. Because the Software which is never there how can they Provide You. 

    Now, Let me Clarify one thing as I'm Stopping you to do the Online survey's I'm not telling you to Buy the Chips at the Cost of Real Money. No No No No please don't do this it's just the Waste of time Game and won't let you to concentrate on your work .

    Survey's I DID ...!

    I visited many sites and found one Common thing in all . To make fool first of all they are making one fake pic of Unlimited Chips to let people give the Proof.

    Now, look at the above snap shot look at the chips do you think it is possible in real world and if it is possible if there is some software to hack Teen Patti then instead of selling it why they're sharing the software for free by simply passing one Survey. I guess you know the answer,  to Pass the Survey is next to Impossible. They are making these kind of fake pics in either Photoshop or any other Software or application.

    The First site I visited was attempting that they've made one software with which you can get the Unlimited Chips.

    So, they Provided one site which was this and when i visited there they gave me 2 option to go with Standard Download or Premium Download. Standard Download for Free Obviously which contains SURVEYS :( lolz !

    If you don't Believe you can also visit there and give your try to clear the survey but i'm dam sure you won't get succeed as this is 100% Fake Software.

    The Second Site I Visited was Pretty Similar to the first One or i say Even Worst.

    They were Pretending like they let you choose your Platform where you wanted to play game on PC, Android Phone or IOS . 

    What basically they were doing is before passing some stupid SURVEY's they putted there Facebook's Fan page link first in the first step and in the second step you have to share this fake Software with your Facebook Friends on your wall and from the third step they've kept SURVEY's.

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